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Please note that, due to the extremely outdated information on this wiki, it has essentially been discontinued and the new wiki is at Github, which can be found HERE. The Github wiki is updated regularly and most of the information regarding the newer updates can be found there. Edit

Thank you for your continued support of Grid12.  ~isra

  • As the game is rapidly evolving and being updated, the information on the wiki may not be
    entirely up to date.
  • Also, given the nature of wikis, information cannot be guaranteed accurate.
  • This is a player-made site. It is not official, nor do Grid 12 staff have anything to do with its
    maintenance and upkeep. As such, do not contact Grid 12 staff with any concerns,
    errors, etc. about the wiki, they will likely not be answered.
  • If you do have any concerns, problems, errors, etc. with the wiki, feel free to post them on
    the Grid 12 Wiki Thread on the main forums, or private message any wiki Administrator.
  • Do not copy others work without permission. This includes pictures, guides, information, etc.
    It is always okay to add relevant screenshots that you have taken, as well as information
    from the data release as permission is given already.

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